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Funeral and Memorial Services


“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”   Tennyson


In modern times, a funeral or memorial service is often seen as an opportunity to celebrate the life of a lost loved one.   As each person is unique, so is the ceremony which honours his / her memory and celebrates his / her life.  Favourite pieces of music; hymns; family photographs; readings from the scriptures or secular poetry can play an important part in focusing on the person’s journey on earth.


We are well-known by the majority of the recognised, better Funeral Directors and, through them, have been privileged for several years to conduct funeral services for many bereaved Adelaide families.     In gentle consultation with the family, we help prepare eulogies, plan visual presentations, music selection, participation of speakers, all of which go to make the occasion free of worry and tension, in fitting tribute to a lost loved one. Click to return to Top



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Mrs. Coralie Bonett

about to conduct a service at Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens.

Outside Stangate House, Aldgate.

Coralie has been a professional, full-time Celebrant since her appointment in 1991. Naturally, she is fully accredited and qualified, under the terms and conditions set out by the Attorney General’s Office in Canberra.

After officiating at innumerable Marriage ceremonies, she has recently retired from that field but continues with her work in funerals, helping bereaved families in the celebration of the lives of departed loved ones.

Coralie will write and present your genuinely individual service, with style and warmth. Her diction is crystal-clear, her voice warm and friendly and she will help to ease your burden at this time.


Authorised Celebrant Registered No. 2600. Appointed on 13th May, 1991

By the Minister of State for Justice and Consumer Affairs.

Member of Association of Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrants of South Australia.



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Mr. Sylvan Bonett

Outside Stangate House, Aldgate.



Sylvan is a long-established, professional, authorised Civil Celebrant with all the qualifications and experience needed to help in the creation of a truly unique service, to reflect on your loved ones' achievements and  personality.  

He has a friendly, easy style of presentation and delivery, fairly informal yet with flair and just a touch of formality.     He is punctual, courteous and very approachable.    As someone who, in an earlier life, spent many years as a professional presenter and entertainer, Sylvan has a strong, clear diction, even without a sound system.   Guests invariably comment on how clearly they hear every word of the ceremony.


After officiating at well over 1000 Marriage Ceremonies, Sylvan has recently retired from that field but continues with his work in funerals, helping bereaved families in the celebration of the lives of departed loved ones.





Authorised Celebrant, Registered No. 3517.   Appointed on2nd February, 1995

By the Attorney General’s Department, Canberra.


Member of Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of South Australia


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Coralie's and Sylvan's address is: 

28 Mahogany Avenue, Dernancourt. S.A. 5075

Phone: 08 8336 8799

We look forward to your call!

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