Ape to Man - Excerpt summation from "African Genesis" by Robert Ardrey - The Predatory Transition from Ape to Man was a paper that no regular scientific journal would touch, and so it appeared in The International Anthropological and Linguistic Review, published in Miami. The stricken editor of this remarkable journal tacked a foreword to Dartís work disclaiming responsibility for the authorís deductions, and even for the australopithecines themselves. The foreword ended with a pitiful sigh: ďOf course, they were only the ancestors of the modern Bushman and Negro, and of nobody else. Ē (Editorís italics.) What Dart put forward in his piece was the simple thesis that Man had emerged from the anthropoid background for one reason only: because he was a killer. Long ago, perhaps many millions of years ago, a line of killer apes branched off from the non-aggressive primate background. For reasons of environmental necessity, the line adopted the predatory way. For reasons of predatory necessity the line advanced. We learned to stand erect in the first place as a necessity of the hunting life. We learned to run in our pursuit of game across the yellowing African savannah. Our hands freed for the mauling and the hauling, we had no further use for a snout; and so it retreated. And lacking fighting teeth or claws, we took recourse by necessity to the weapon. A rock, a stick, a heavy bone ó to our ancestral killer ape it meant the margin of survival. But the use of the weapon meant new and multiplying demands on the nervous system for the co-ordination of muscle and touch and sight. And so at last came the enlarged brain; so at last came man. To download the complete book click on this link. africangenesis.pdf